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Participating artists:

Brenda L Croft (Australia)
16beaver (USA)
Daniel Boyd (Australia)
Temporary Services (USA)
Jakob Jakobsen (Denmark)
Lisa Kelly (Australia)
SquatSpace (Australia)
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro (Berlin/Sydney)
Evil Brothers (Ned and Tom Sevil, Australia)
You Are Here (Keg de Souza and Zanny Begg, Australia)
Michael Rakowitz (USA)
Miklos Erhardt and Little Warsaw (Hungary)
Bijari (Brazil)

A re-enactment of Allan Kaprow's Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hofmann 1963 (with thanks to the Allan Kaprow Estate). Coordinated by Lucas Ihlein.


Welfare State 2007

El Salobral was one of Europe’s largest shanty towns located on the southern outskirts of Madrid. In March 2007, the Madrid City Council and the Regional Government decided that the slum would be demolished and its inhabitants rehoused. The Spanish art collective Democracia intervened in this process erecting bleachers for people to sit on and watch the ensuing destruction. Their intervention explored the responsibilities, and culpability, of civil society in the fate of the ghetto.

Democracia was formed in Madrid ( Spain) by Pablo España and Iván López. Their decision to work as a group springs from the intention of engaging in an artistic practice centred on discussion and the clash of ideas and forms of action. They also work in publishing (they are directors of Nolens Volens magazine) and curatorial projects (No Futuro, Madrid Abierto 2008, Creador de Dueños). They were founders and part of El Perro group (1989-2006).